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So today's Snowflake challenge has led me to this — a friending meme from St. Aurafina. And I'm thankful to find it.

DW username: Taabe
Preferred pronouns: She / her
Other platforms (please specify): A03 (also LJ under a different name)
Active/primary interests or fandoms: Fandoms range from Check Please and YOI to Barbara Hambly, Haroun and the Sea of Stories and the Thousand and One Nights. Dorothy Sayers, Kamila Shamsie, Rainbow Rowell ... Often small and most often books. I write for a living, and stories matter.
If you've seen me around, it's probably because: I've written for Yuletide off and on for about 10 years
I post about: Here, about stories I'm reading or writing, contradance music, small mountains, friends and family, puttering in the kitchen, life events
I post/check my feed: Depending on the season (and deadlines), it varies from weekly to a few times a month
I want to find people that post about: Books, writing ... I'd love to know more about more writers from more parts of the world, for one.
I am most interested in interacting with people on: DW for anything like this
My blog is: Sometimes public but often friends only
Anything else you need to know about me: I love fandoms and stories where people really talk and work their way through tough times — where they have the hard conversations and trust each other and face their dragons together — and they're rare.
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