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Dear Yulewriter,

Thank you for joining me in the warm fellowship that is Yuletide! Knowing you're writing a story to share with me while I'm playing with ideas for someone else warms me on fall evenings. Yuletide has become, for me, a way to explore new worlds. I've been known to offer (and end up writing in) fandoms I didn't know yet but wanted to. I've loved learning about sources I already love set in places I haven't been to, and finding new depths in people in sources I love. Open-mindedness turns me on, and curiosity, and people alive to what they see and hear and feel and touch. Courage and communication and the kind of love that can last through tough places.

Kartography by Kamila Shamsie
I discovered Kamila Shamsie this summer and fell for this book. I lived in it for a week and felt the characters come alive. She understands real friendship and how fundamentally someone you care about can become part of you. I would love to walk around Karachi with the adult Raheen and Karim as they re-learn the city and each other.

Room with a View by E.M. Forster
This is one of my favorite books, and it seems designed for Yuletide — it has a missing scene! Lucy learns that she loves George in conversation wtih Mr. Emerson (one of my favorite characters of all time). And the next we know, she and George are together in Firenze. The scene where they finally come together and talk and reach understanding and fall into each other's arms? Forster never wrote it. I love the open, stripped-bare joy in this book, Freddie and George skinny-dipping with the rector, the times when all self-consciousness falls away and the violets are in bloom. I would love to see George and Lucy there together.

The Day Boy and the Night Girl
George MacDonald moves me and always has. For a man of his time, he seems unusually wild, like a highland burn. (If you've ever read Maurice Walsh, he has the same feeling and explains it better than I can — a sense of possibility and fear and beauty.) I love Nycteris for her courage, and Photogen for his willingness to admit his mistakes. I love George MacDonald because his main mover-of-the-world is a woman, a powerful spirit with many faces, and because his people seem to come from many corners of the world. The prince in the Light Princess wears a turban and sounds like a hero of the Arabian nights. I'd like to know what happens to Photogen and Nycteris, suddenly alone together in a world they don't understand. And I'd especially love it if that world reaches beyond the highlands, even as far as the gardens of Cordoba or Damascus in the moonlight.


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